Q: How long does it take for a custom order?

A: Most packages can be completely manufactured in 10-14 weeks. This is significantly faster than new OEM equipment orders.


Q: What if I just want a stock turbine generator, without any customizations?

A: We carry standard packages in stock just for this purpose! Simply contact us (hyperlink) to make sure a standard package is available.


Q: What customizations are available?

A: Some customizations that are available are: voltage requirements, load profiles, fuel sources, and interconnections. Additional customizations such as logo placement and color schemes are available. If you want to know about a possible customization that’s not listed here, please contact us (hyperlink).


Q: What happens if the equipment needs maintenance?

A: If you lease equipment from Alcor Energy, then there is no additional cost for full service operations and management. Additionally, we make sure that everything is running smoothly from our end as well. We use satellite communications to monitor and diagnose any potential problems 24/7/365.


Q: What happens if I need field support?

A: We have fully trained field personnel that can help you with any of your problems, 24/7. Please note our leases are maintained and operated by Alcor Energy Field Services, LLC (AEOF).


Q: What kind of customers use Alcor Energy?

A: We currently lease generators to some of the largest companies in the Oil & Gas industry, including: power drilling, fracking, oil & gas production, and pipeline operations.


Q: Who is AEOF (Alcor Energy Field Services)?

A: This is Alcor Energy’s operating subsidiary. They are the company that will maintain and operate your lease arrangement. This allows you to have a dedicated support team and around the clock personnel on call. We are always completely synced and in communication to make sure you always have streamlined support without hold-ups or discrepancies.


Q: Is there a down-payment needed to start leasing from Alcor Energy?

A: Our lease programs require no down-payment or any sort of upfront capital from you.  


Q: What are your lease rates?

A: Please contact us (hyperlink) to learn more about our budget-friendly lease rates.


Q: How is using natural gas environmentally friendly?

A:  Natural gas burns the cleanest of all fossil fuels. The main byproducts of combustion of natural gas are carbon dioxide and water vapor. When compared to burning diesel, another popular fuel source, it’s much cleaner and better for the environment. Diesel releases high levels of carbon emissions, ash, and all other types of harmful pollutants.  


Q: Can Alcor Energy turbines meet the EPA Tier 4 regulation?

A: Yes. Alcor Energy’s turbines are actually not subjected to EPA Tier 4 regulations because they are 100% natural gas fueled. However, they can be equipped to diesel fuel in emergency situations only as a back-up fuel source. Emergency uses of diesel generator sets are exempt from Tier 4 regulations.  


Q: Does Alcor Energy do all of the remanufacturing themselves, or is it outsourced?

A: Alcor Energy controls and does the complete remanufacturing process themselves. We handle everything from rework, document control, to procurement.


Q: What if I want to buy a generator, not lease it?

A: Our turbine generators are available for sale. However, most customers prefer to lease due to our competitive lease rates and the maintenance support that’s included.


Q: I have a current generator that just needs upgraded and customized. Can you take the existing generator and make it better?

A: Yes! We offer all the same services we use to remanufacture our turbine generators to our customers as well.