CLEAN Power Generation

With The Future In Mind.


Why Alcor?  

Alcor Energy is a sought-after combination between clean power generation, reliable operating times, and competitive pricing. For years, our energy solutions have been helping business boost productivity and reduce their carbon footprint. We back up all our products with top notch customer support and maintenance services.



Environmental Sustainability

Reduce emissions by using field gas as a fuel source instead of flaring gas. Our turbines burn clean and are not subject to EPA Tier 4 regulations.

Remanufactured for High Efficiency

Our remanufactured turbines provide you with longer operating times and more reliability compared to new turbines right out of the factory.  




We can customize our turbine generators to meet your specific needs: mobile or stationary, fuel sources, voltage requirements, and more.


The Alcor Difference.

Alcor Energy does more than just provide clean and reliable turbine generators at a great cost.


Finely Tuned Turbines.

The reason our generators stand above the rest is due to our remanufacturing process. Our highly skilled team remanufactures turbines to include better technology, advanced control systems, and upgraded components.

In fact, our turbine generators often perform better and more efficiently than OEM turbine generators. This is because we’ve already taken the time to fine tune our turbines to operate just as effectively with less fuel.

With Alcor Energy, you can lease a superior turbine generator at an economical price. Match this with our renowned support team, and you have the Alcor Difference.

This is what has made us leaders in powering the gas & oil industry since 2009. If you’re curious about what Alcor Energy can do for you, please contact us.