Whatever your business model is, we have a power solution to fit your needs. Alcor Energy can provide clean burning energy via our state-of-the-art turbine generators for a variety of projects and sites, big or small.

Additionally, when you lease any of our products you are provided with:

  • Cutting edge control systems: 24/7/365 satellite monitoring and diagnostic control which allows us to handle generator problems remotely.

  • Highly trained in-person support: 24 hour on-call field personnel, should you require emergency equipment repair.

These complimentary services save you valuable time and money because you don’t have to focus on maintenance and repairs. We’re with you every step of the way to make sure your generators run efficiently and safely.




Water treatment plants and hydroelectric plants need power, and sometimes natural sources just don’t provide enough. For the times when you need supplementary power that water cannot provide for, Alcor Energy’s turbine generators are the smart choice. Our turbine generators are capable of burning natural gas as a primary fuel source, which is a clean alternative compared to other liquid fuels such as diesel. When you use our generators, you can still meet environmental regulations in a cost-effective way.  



In the fracking industry, businesses are consistently choosing natural gas as a primary fuel instead of diesel. For many reasons, but mainly because it makes it easier for power producers to meet strict emissions regulations. All of our turbines take care of the Tier 4 EPA certification, because 100% natural gas turbines are not subject to the same standards. If you need a power generation source that’s economical, reliable, and keeps the environment in mind, then consider Alcor Energy the best decision.  



At Alcor Energy, we fully support renewable energy ventures. However, wind farms or solar plants can take years to build and you still need power during this time. There’s planning, surveying, construction, and maintenance operations, just to name a few things that need to be powered. Our turbine generators can take care of any project: big or small, remote or urban. We can scale up or down to support any type of renewable energy project.



Alcor Energy has been working with the oil & gas industry since 2009. Over the years, the oil industry has also faced limits on the use of flaring gas by the government. One of the most economical and environmentally friendly ways to get around these limits is to use natural gas or field gas a fuel source. Our generators can easily handle natural gas or field gas with high efficiency, saving you money and limiting the pressure on the environment. Plus, we’re industry experts in gas & oil so our turbines and staff are more than equipped to bring you the best experience possible.



Mines are often off-grid and it can be hard to find a reliable yet cost-effective power source. Alcor Energy’s turbines are powerful enough to provide for your site, yet mobile enough that you can easily get them to your mining site. It doesn’t matter where you’re located, you can still receive premium power generation at competitive prices.



Keeping your production lines moving is essential to maximizing profit. Alcor Energy’s turbine generators are some of the most reliable money can buy. In fact, our turbine generators are more reliable than those that come right out of the factory. We know manufacturing well, because at Alcor, we remanufacture all of our generators ourselves. You can trust that we know the ins and outs of the industry and can provide you with cost-effective and clean power generation. Pair that with our 24/7/365 support, and you have the perfect power system to keep your production lines running.